Monday, December 22, 2008

Dear Diary . . . (Dec. 8th - 10th)

Monday, December 8th

Dear Diary,
Today I woke up with a pounding headache and a foggy memory of being hard since a lil one. Do I know this guy, Diary? All I can truly remember is dappin' it up, dynomite-style, with a cracked-out Ernie in Cafe 641, as Pierre Thomas took the Falcons' Curtis Lofton for a ride. And a drive home, courtesy of Cafe 641's top, top-row mother-daughter combo.

P.S. Does Roger Goodell know that in the Superdome, even the stadium attendants drink from a flask after touchdowns? I vaguely remember a tap on the shoulder after my second swig of Hennessy. Turning around, I handed over the flask to our very own Cafe 641 stadium attendant, who finished off the flask in a neat 2-seconds before returning it.

Tuesday, December 9th

Dear Diary,
My head feels more clear today, Diary, and I now feel confident in making the following list of things found/things lost in the Superdome over the past few weeks.
Things found: a new found appreciation for the adhesive qualities of Kraft American Singles; a deep-tissue bruise just behind my knee-cap, apparently the result of a fatal third Dirty Dog in a single game; a deep understanding of the importance of linebacker play; a Mother Hen.

Things lost: little plush Chef; a 22-inch Golden Spoon given to me on the eve of our 2006 playoff victory by Proud Mary and Mr. Rita Benson LeBlanc; my liver; a tube of eyeblack; my patience with Sean Payton.

Wednesday, December 10th

Dear Diary,
Did I ask the entire Cafe 641 to my house to view the Bears' game for tomorrow night? Whose idea was that? When did I make that ill-fated decision? Is that guy Jimmy V. coming with his hot girlfriend "whats-her-name?" Did I agree to cook?


Anonymous said...

Dear Diary: On December 22, 2008, Sean Payton's surgical status is officially URGENT!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey the Bears won

That means the Cowboys have more competition for the playoffs!!!!!

Mother Hen said...

And, the Mother Hen thanks the Deuce every single night that she found you...

The Chef rocks!