Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dear Diary . . . (Dec. 11th - 13th)

December 11, 2008

Dear Diary,
Hosted a small viewing party for Cafe 641 tonight. It ended poorly when I realized that dropping a Dirty Dog on that small space between sofa and wall has little impact on either linebacker play or porous holes. On the upside, Mojo made an appearance. As did Jimmy V. from the Cafe, Jimmy V.'s girl from the Cafe, two of their friends, an Uptown dentist, and the only Echocardiologist to watch from the bench as Dwayne Bryant single-handedly won the 1986 Louisiana State Basketball Championship for DeLaSalle. Best part of the night? Shouting "Get in the High Life" every time Billy Miller touched the ball and slamming a Miller.

By the way, how do you get sneaker marks off of eggshell finish latex paint?

December 12, 2008

Dear Diary,
Kyle Orton should just admit that the Bears' playoff chances depend solely on the weather and defensive backs with very little skill or pride in self.

December 13, 2008
Dear Diary,
Who are these guys? Don't remember seeing this much awesomeness in the Cafe. The one on the right reminds me of Joe Dirt, and the one on the left kinda looks like he could sacked Steve McNair's son in high school.

P.S. If I could find a way to put a mustache on that Black and Gold piece of sexiness in the background, I'd be a very happy chef.


saintseester said...

Would you be wearing the mustache when you put it on her?

t-dex said...

dear diary, my life would suck without some chef family love, without super saint girl's chocolate brownies, without lil reggie santa football, without ardens salt and pepper shakers, were're in effect, without the matrix feeding me balzack lines, ...

i'm not that guy, and i'm not that dude...

saintseester said...

Merry Christmas!