Friday, December 26, 2008

The "Everything Tastes Better Next Year" Pledge

"I pledge to return to this hallowed Dome in 2009, mail my season ticket deposit on time (January 30), and pray (or meditate or make animal sacrifice based on my religious conviction) daily for a Black and Gold Super Bowl in 2010. So help me Deuce."

Travis Burkett just called, wished me a Merry Christmas, and gave detailed instructions on how Cafe 641 Row 41, Seats 20-22 WILL BE MOVED within spooning distance of Cafe 641 Row 42, Seats 9-10 in 2009.

Gary Gibbs must go, but Travis should be nominated for Ticket and Suite Sales staff member of the year. He can be contacted directly at (504) 731-1871.

If you'd like to move your seat into the Cafe, see above diagram for more detailed information. The following lcoations are not indicated on the map, but do, in fact, exist: Dirty Dog wall; exclusive Cafe 641 elevator; Smoker's Ally; and Club Bang the Wall.

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