Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cafe 641 Profile #6: MR. Rita Benson LeBlanc

**NOTE: Sixth in a series of bare-all, expose profiles that allows Chef to e-hibernate this off season with a clear conscience. Chef apologizes for the lengthy delay in the return to profiles, which is attributed to Carnival and a location change for Chef's test kitchen.

His seat already guaranteed at the Chef's table by the second home game of the 2006 season, Mr. Rita (NOT PICTURED AT LEFT) entered another realm of Who Dat favor when he unexpectedly told Chef:
"Rita Benson LeBlanc is a desirable woman. I find her appealing. I desire her."

(All this was told to Chef under the strictest confidence which, as can be seen here, don't mean much in the offseason.) Chef suspected that Mr. Rita was fueled by the Benson's announcement of a ticket price freeze, but sure enough, there he was jumping up and down just after the playoff win, yelling for Miss Benson LeBlanc to throw him a second line umbrella. He didn't take to well to Chef's subtle reminder that he sittin' in Row 42 of the UPPER terrace and she way down on the field.

Still, Mr. Rita is more Who Dat than most, and here's why . . .

* Wrist Bands. More than just a hoodoo token, these fleur de lis specimens actually get used to wipe away the Who Dat perspiration of Mr. Rita.

* Mama's Boy. Mr. Rita treats his mom better than most sons (of course, this for a mom who buys him at least two rounds of Dome Foam a game and picked up the season ticket tab). Still, Mr. Rita was caught balancing mom around the slippery post-game corners of the Dome ramps more than once.

* WWL 20-minute updates. Unlike the fan who asks neighbors to quiet down so he can hear Jim Henderson, Mr. Rita plugs in the ear buds only when he needs an explanation of the BS on the field. In these rare events, Mr. Rita screams out the WWL truth to all of Cafe 641.

* Raw Emotion. Mr. Rita has no problem letting the Cafe know his feelings. Anger? He'll speak it. Grief? He'll show it. Ecstasy? You'll know it.

Chef offers a special thanks to Mr. Rita for the 22-inch fleur de lis inscribed Golden Spoon presented prior to the Superdome playoff game. The gift allowed Chef to utter the phrase he's dreamed for some time now . . . "Chef's rollin' with 22s!"

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