Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Year of the 'Stache

Cafe 641 still has a few more weeks of off-season conditioning before its training camp kick-off event. But I left the Anheuser Busch Strength and Endurance Center early today, so I had some spare time to post this preview of our new friend in the Cafe, Fleur-de-Stache.*

Here are the Cafe 641 Save-the-Dates:

Friday, July 25: 1st Annual Cafe 641 Superdome Dash for the 'Stache
A day-long ramble through the streets of New Orleans in search of the perfect 2008 mustache, to include: a Who Dat Rosary and Novena to Saint Barbara, Patron Saint Against Lightning, recited outside the Dome, and a few select pub stops closest to our Cafe 641 friends in Mid City (perhaps Fin McCool's in honor of the Cocktail Chef) and Uptown (Fat Harry's, Dilly/Berto?).

Saturday, August 2: likely pilgrimmage to Jackson, MS for Saints Training Camp.

Saturday, August 16: Thanks Houston!

* Thanks to Chef K-Paul on the Fleur-de-Stache design.


saintseester said...

I think my daughter and I can do August 2nd!!! Things look like they are falling into place.

Oh, and the video? I see you are way productive like I am when I have free time. I laughed so hard that I cried. Or was it that I cried so hard until I laughed? Dunno. Need to clear my head.

Mr. Clio said...

I'm speechless, Chef. Speechless.

After the last 48 hours, I needed this.

August 2 looks good on this end too.

More soon.

GW said...

Oh my.