Thursday, March 27, 2008

Off-season workout with . . . Chef Paul Prudhomme

By now, you've likely heard about Chef Paul's commitment to redfish, no matter the risk. (Ashley must be clairvoyant with the bullets.)

Since Cafe 641 draws its off-season training regimen from muses of all sorts (Rita, bare feet, Budweiser, hair . . .), it seems most appropriate that Chef Paul inspire the latest round of Who Dat workouts. This workout is especially designed for the Cafe's 2008 road trip to either Washington, DC or Tampa Bay. It will allow the trained Who Dat to withstand a steady barrage of beer bottles, snowballs, batteries, and pirate hooks all fired at close range.

Stage 1. Visit the Shooters' Club in Metairie, just a brief jog from the Saints training facility on Airline. Snatch a bullet-proof cooking vest from the rack when the attendant changes your target.

Stage 2. Drive across the river to the general 1-mile vicinity of the TPC golf course and club. Wait for falling bullets.

Stage 3. Drive back to the East Bank to City Park. Stop at the playground and pick up a pack of children armed with rocks, soccer balls, backpacks, and miscellaneous projectiles. Head to Tad Gormley Stadium (and Reggie Bush Field). Climb to the top row of the east endzone bleachers. Spread legs to shoulder width and stretch arms to full wingspan. Close your eyes, yell "Fire," and absorb the assault.

Stage 4. Return the children to the playground and reimburse them with Golden Spoons.

Stage 5. Wait patiently for the NFL to announce the 2008 schedule with the quiet confidence you will endure even the strongest attack from Redskins or Buccaneers.


GW said...

Tampa or DC? Boy, seems like a no-brainer to me. Tampa all the way.

Divisional game
Better stadium
Opposing mascot not ethnically offensive
Probably not even a degree hotter

Far better culinary experience. Cuban, Bahamian, Dominican, Puerto Rican... mmmmm. Ceviche! What's DC got? The commissary at the IRS? Their most celebrated restaurant is Ethiopian, for cryin' out loud. Boring, bland Maryland seafood. Bah.

Tampa. Definitely Tampa.

saintseester said...

If I am to leave the sanctity of the dear South for a road trip (and Tampa don't count), then I am aiming for London.

Chef Who Dat said...

Seester: will forward you the Who Dat Brit Conversion Kits for your trip across the pond

Wang: Agreed on all accounts. Must confess, though. Chef's got a hook up with a Segway tour company in DC that has promised to allow costumed Who Dats to roll by the White House on Segways chanting "Deuce Upside Your Head." Just seemed like too good a YouTube moment to pass up -- but it's probably Tampa.

Ashley said...

Jake said...

On GW's Page: The second "Jake" wasn't me. You see, he plays all kinds of tricks over there.

Jake said...

At least he's finally getting know, his status next to mine.