Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Cafe 641 Leftover Awards: Leftover Acquisition of the Year

After resolving lingering issues with the Writer's Guild Strike, Chef returned to the awards platform this morning to announce another Cafe 641 Leftover Award.

The "Leftover Acquisition" award goes to a 2007 offseason acquisition who amounted to nothing more than leftovers. The nominees are a little obvious . . .

Jason David for his impressive audition for the Burn Unit.

Brian Simmons for this impressive pre-season sack of Alabama senior Brodie Croyle and a release-earning performance for 16 other games.

Olindo Mare for this, this, and this.

And the leftover goes to . . .

Oleeendoooo Maaaaaaahraaaaay!


GW said...

Wow, Chef. If ever there was a situation where it was more appropriate to split the trophy in half and endure two acceptance speeches...

I'll bet our friend Jason right about now feels a lot like he does on running downs. "Whew, dodged that one."


Chef Who Dat said...

True enough, Master Wang, true enough. Jason's only downfall is that he was proceeded by Fast Freddie. So, for Chef anyway, the initial shock/awe of not finding weapons of mass destruction in Jason's defensive arsenal was quickly replaced by the all-too-familiar expectation of 2-3 deep balls per game.

Rico Suave, on the other hand, never shaved his chin pubes. Viva el mustachio!