Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Writer's Guild Contract Ends Chef's Strike

While it was reported weeks ago that the Writer's Guild of America had ended it's strike, Chef always likes to see the contract before ending holdouts (on account of a rookie deal he signed with a beer vendor in Cafe 641 that obliged him to an exclusive purchasing Dome Foam agreement with said vendor at $10 a pour).

Well, because Chef always follows and believes web links, he's back on the horse, following the union's lead.

It wasn't a complete hibernation. Chef spent some time at East Jefferson General Hospital in the Same Day Surgery unit in early February, where his discharge assessment read:
* Discharged by wheelchair to home. Temp: 97.1. Blood Pressure: 107/60.
* Prescription delivered to spouse.
* Post-anesthesia instructions include: no alcoholic beverages including beer for 24 hours; no operation of motor vehicles or machinery or power tools for 24 hours. Also, no bicycle riding, skate boarding, or use of gym sets.
* Light activity only; no heavy lifting or straining; showers only; avoid strenuous play
* Change moustache dressing as needed.

Don't know exactly how Mickey Loomis spent his weeks off. But Chef got his priorities straight:

Come free agency on February 29, come ticket renewal time (nevermind the alleged increase Chef heard Bobby and Kenny blathering about today), come Draft Day Bash on Airline Drive . . . we'll be ready with Who Dat follicles sprouting the cause.

It may be 2008, but Earn It! never felt so right.


saintseester said...

Do I want to know where the donor hair comes from?

Chef Who Dat said...

Probably you do, yes:

saintseester said...

Okay, so then it has been presoaked in bud to make it more pliable. very cost efficient.