Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Missing: carefully-coifed mustache

It's not as if Chef has been sitting on his ass for a month waiting to announce more Cafe 641 Leftover Awards. It's about the mustache. Can't find it. Anywhere. Even went to this party looking for mojo, but these fools were mocking, not rocking the stache.

Any leads would be appreciated. Or suggestions on burying the past and moving on.

In other news, February 4, 2008 marked the Who Dat nation's annual run to the XLIIIrd Super Bowl. Get your shoes on, Who Dats.


Mr. Clio said...

Running indeed.

Dilly is running the Mardi Gras Half Marathon this Sunday. I've never run more than 11 miles, so this could be interesting.

Gotta get ready for Jackson in July.

saintseester said...

Hey, I bet we can get great deals if we buy airfare to Tampa, now!

Clio, you said july last year, but then went in august after my kids went back to school.

I have arranged my entire teaching schedule to be able to take off some days in july..

Chef Who Dat said...

"Dilly is running the Mardi Gras Half Marathon . . ."

Dilly is running or Lee de Fleur is running? Important information to know if either expects to get showered with Who Dats! along the route.

Tampa, huh? Chef is committing to a training camp visit, for sure. Maybe a weekend in July, maybe a weekday in August. But the Cafe has been stirring about a road trip too.

saintseester said...

We should time it for when the Mississippi Braves are playing. Football all day, showers, baseball in the night. Peanuts.

Mr. Clio said...

Seester, sorry, I didn't realize the month change made a difference.

The football/baseball plan sounds great.

BTW, I was with Rita earlier today. She's pumped about London and convinced me that it's worth giving up a home game.

Mr. Clio said...

Oh, Chef, no way I'll be running with the foam rubber. I'll be lucky to finish the full 13 at all.

saintseester said...

Yeah, my kids go back to school around August 6th! So the first few days in Aug are usually ok.

The last couple of years, they had a big fan day on a Sat. in July.

Baseball is my mistress during the off season.

Chef Who Dat said...

26-mile race goes by casa de chef near Harrison; may miss the uptown 13-mile route. Good luck!

Jake said...

Lets make a good legit healthy and complete run to the NBA Finals first, then we'll see about kickin' it up to the harder tasks.