Monday, September 06, 2010

Lombardi Leftovers?

This is not Detroit, man!

But it is time to pitch ideas for the annual resurrection and burial of Lord Pants on the Ground.

The menu board is open through Wednesday morning.


Jermaine said...

Brett Favre 20 year old Soup.
with 2 years of Spoiled Chilli, Plagued Rice, 16 years of molded cheese,1 dirty filty bird and 1 big bad apple on the side.


Jermaine said...

Where have you been my daughter has been looking for you the two preseason games.

Chef Who Dat said...

Yo Jermaine: nice suggestions. We lost our seats; got relocated to 649. I made a few trips up to the Cafe during pre-season games but incognito. Unleashing the beast on Thursday. Will visit early pre-game to distribute menus and curse the new press box.

Anonymous said...

How about (Dan) Hampton's Head on a platter??????

- Mother Mary