Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fundraising Footwear

Not since Tom Dempsey has the 649 Bistro/Cafe 641 community been so excited about footwear. Catholic Charities is coordinating a decorated shrimp boot auction to raise money for its BP Oil Spill Relief Fund. While this is probably already rigged to favor prominent, boot-bearing Who Dats, a $5 raffle ticket is worth a shot at one of these:

Hands off this one. It's for the Chef!


Anonymous said...

fun fact: one of tom dempsy's shoes is hanging from the ceiling of the absinthe house bar on bienville and bourbon.

my wife used to bartend there and every time i would stop in to say hi to her i would find myself staring at that relic from my childhood.

i know when mr tony sold the biz to jobert some one took down a bunch of the helmets from the ceiling and replaced them with replicas.

there was no replica for mr dempsy's shoe so it went back up.

one more fun fact: the heirs to the spainards who owened that property during spanish colony times still get a roality check once a year for the use of their property.


Chef Who Dat said...

Fun footwear facts indeed! After Sacred Hart-ley goes 4-4 tonight into a swirling Candlestick wind, I plan a toast to Dempsey's hanging shoe at that very spot.

Anonymous said...

from your lips to buddy d. and ashley's ears.

have fun my friend, i allways enjoy your take of the who dat nation.