Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dempsey Intervenes, Sacred Hart Shines

RicknGentilly provided the foreshadowing for a 2-0 start with the following footwear comment, posted days before Sacred Hart defeated the San Francisco Swirling Crosswinds:
fun fact: one of tom dempsy's shoes is hanging from the ceiling of the absinthe house bar on bienville and bourbon.

my wife used to bartend there and every time i would stop in to say hi to her i would find myself staring at that relic from my childhood.

i know when mr tony sold the biz to jobert some one took down a bunch of the helmets from the ceiling and replaced them with replicas.

there was no replica for mr dempsy's shoe so it went back up.

one more fun fact: the heirs to the spainards who owened that property during spanish colony times still get a roality check once a year for the use of their property.

The 649 Bistro response to this historical nugget?
After Sacred Hart-ley goes 4-4 tonight into a swirling Candlestick wind, I plan a toast to Dempsey's hanging shoe at that very spot.
So, in the larger Who Dat cosmos, this suggests a Tom Dempsey half-a-foot toast at the very locale he watched the Super Bowl back in February.

Details will follow.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey chef.

i was telling my wife about our exchange and she hipped me to the the fact that jobert didn't even take down mr. toms shoe when he took down the helmets.

it never left it's place of honor unlike the helmets.

you called the game at 4.

i would count the game winner with a tip as 3 and 4 .

your call was money baby.

when watching the dvr i swear i can see a 49'ers severed hand on the ground after that block.

i bow to you sir.

you had the hartley angle nailed.

take care,rickngentilly