Sunday, March 07, 2010

XLIV Commemorative Coastline

Move over Hawthorne Village and Bradford Exchange. Hold on a second, NFL Films.

Scott Fujita's $20K might inspire a more meaningful Lombardi Gras memento.

Imagine a lit up miniature Superdome surrounded by a topographical map of an eroding Louisiana coastline. Imagine three easy payments of $19.99. Imagine all proceeds directed toward coastal restoration.

Thanks, Scott! Bob Marshall does you right:

"You always hear about southern hospitality, but I experienced it from my first days here, " Fujita recalled. "I was living in a residence hotel for the first few weeks while we looked for a place in town, and spent that time just walking around the city and bar hopping, getting to know the place.

"Well, when people found out I was moving here from another city, I couldn't pay for a drink. They didn't know I was an NFL player. They just knew I was a guy who had
come to join them, and that was it - I was a hero. I don't think I paid for a drink for the first three or four weeks."

As the months passed Fujita said his family fell in love with the idea of New Orleans.

"It's just such a unique place, with a unique character and way of life, " he said. "It has a blend of the Old World and the Caribbean.

"My wife and I have traveled extensively, and this is the perfect blend of cultures, great food and great music."

"I read somewhere that we're losing a football field every hour, and for a kid from California, that sounds like a whole lot, " he said. "Then I read somewhere else where a certain amount of vegetated wetlands could reduce storm surge by a foot, and to me that sounds like a lot, too."

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