Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grassroots Roofbanging

We're not through discussing the emotional and cultural damage that the loss of truly great sections in the Superdome has done. But, that conversation is being put on hold. For now, we're moving toward some grassroots action. Roofbanger style.

Times-Picayune: (200 words or less); Gambit Weekly:
Neither paper has published a letter to the editor yet, but if we send multiple letters this week, we might generate interest. Focus on what we're requesting (see below).

If you lost your ticket, you should have received a phone call BEFORE ticket invoices went out. If you did not, call 731-1827 (Thomas Han) or 731-1700 (press 1). Confirm that your seat is lost. Ask when you will be contacted for relocation. Ask how many seats typically are not renewed. Ask where those seats are typically located. Ask how much they cost. If you are not provided with this information, ask to speak to a supervisor. You cannot be expected to make a decision in early May if you don't know how much tickets will cost.

Ask to speak to someone about the possibility of a temporary plan for 2010 that guarantees every displaced Who Dat a chance to see the Super Bowl banner drop and other games. Ask about standing room only, ask about temporary bleachers on the field, ask about a pool of season ticket holders donating a game they won't attend for face value purchase coordinated by the Saints. We MUST stay on the front office's radar. They MUST understand that we won't stop requesting information until they deliver it. They must also view us as rationale, loyal fans, not an angry, torch-bearing mob so try to withhold emotion until you hang up.

Save the True Who Dats
I Support the 1200 Lost Season Ticket Holders
We're a bit wary of the Facebook here at the Cafe, but jeez, isn't the cause of the Displaced Roofbanger as righteous as the Unknown Who Dat? If that guy can generate 11,675 group members and an offer to wed a smokin' hot Ukrainian bride, can't we create enough buzz to get some media attention and force the front office's hand?

If you lost your seats, please post your name, section, row and seat number. We are working to get a list of the accounts effected so we can show that we're already well organized.

Spread the word on Twitter, blogs, or your social media of choice.

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