Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Death Star's Shadow

We already know about Jerry Jones' Napoleonic man muscle issues. But now, his Death Star is threatening to cast an Evil Empire shadow over the 1/2 of Shreveport that still considers itself part of Louisiana.

Who Dat Sam in Shreve-City has asked Cafe 641 to flex its undefeated muscle to make sure he gets to view the Saints on his television. Help a Who Dat in need:

"The Shreveport Fox channel is having a vote to decide which game to play on the 22nd. The rivalry between the Crygirls and the Bless You Boys is pretty intense here. Any votes the cafe and fellow Saints fan can through our way would be appreciated. It does require a user name to vote but you do not need to put a VALID email address since there is no verification. Here is the link."


Gridiron Girl said...

Try being a Saints fan in full-blown CowboyLand. Pure torture!
I'll go vote right now.
~Gridiron Girl

Anonymous said...

I guess I will have to get a login for this site.

If it was just the NW corner of LA, I think we would have it with atleast 80%. Unfortunately, LA only occupies about 1/3 of the coverage area. The rest is made up of Texas, Arkansas, and a small piece of Oklahoma. And that is atleast 80% cowboy. It is looking like Dallas will win with around 51% of the vote. The good guys currently trail by less than 500 votes. It was a good fight though. We actually cost Dallas their game with the dirty birds when we won the vote for the Miami game. It will be sweet revenge on 12/19 if we don't pull this off.