Monday, May 12, 2008

Hazing Season Opens.

It happens every May. Just after Jazz Fest and just before Mother's Day.

They arrive with bright faces, open minds, and hearts full of hope. They come both underweight and overweight. With both highly regarded pedigrees and little known pasts. Some claim to be in perfect shape. Others keep their mouths shut.

In every case, though, they deserve the same (with some safety considerations, of course):

Looks like Saints staffers have kicked the 2008 NFL Hazing Season with the distribution of these photos. (Thanks Saintsational for the heads up.) Cafe 641 would like to contribute to Hazing Season by echoing Canal Street Chronicles call for captions:

"Yes. We are completely serious. All our OTs wear a 12-14 jersey. Welcome to the NFL."

"Yo Rico. How ya like me now?"

Chef takes a pass on this one with all confidence in the world that Grandmaster Wang or NOLAchick will take care of business.


saintseester said...

So many fine, young menz. Sigh.

saintseester said...

Chef! My child, my child - he's a giant killer! Woo hoo. This bodes well for the football season to come.

Chick in the Huddle said...

"lemme slide in and be the meat in this yummy man sam-ich!"

(sorry, i felt the need to go gay...)

Chef Who Dat said...

We're sorry, but no apologies accepted during hazing season. Thank you for your superb efforts.