Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cafe 641 Leftover Awards: Conceived in the Dome

Cafe 641's service industry guild announced its annual Leftover Awards earlier this week. Keeping with Cafe tradition, the winners of these prestigious awards receive coveted Golden Spoons mounted on handsome replicas of Cafe 641 Upper Terrace seats.

In solidarity with the Writer's Guild of America's ongoing strike, the awards ceremony has been canceled. Chef will issue individual awards online over the next few weeks.

Our first award goes to the Who Dat most likely conceived inside the Dome during the '06 season and certainly birthed near it during the '07 season.

Nominees . . .
Harper Who Dat

Dexter Who Dat

Envelope please . . .

And the Leftover goes to . . . T-Dex (for his willingness to share his season tix with Chef at a moment's notice).

No worries, little Harper. Your name has solidified your place in Who Dat lore. Expect your authentic Cafe 641 Golden Spoon sometime in April during Festival International.


t-dex said...

not to get to racy, but let's just say I was almost named Donovan.

JWD said...

Check out the new site at!!!!!!!!!!!

saintseester said...

Aw, how cute. Leetle who dat nationites.

Michelle said...

Awww . . . little baby who dat luv!

Harper is ok with second place, since she was not conceived in the dome. Although t-dex has given us inspiration for the creation of the next potential member of our clan.