Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Who Dey?

Okay, so ESPN calls the Saints final 16 plays to win the Eagles game it's "Drive of the Week." But, that's just some shameless attempt to plug a Chevy truck.

The Cajun Cannon knows what's real and told us so yesterday on his WWL show. A review of the issues with Bobby Hebert:

* Dey say a Who Dat delivered a halftime, locker-room style speech while standing at the urinal during the Saints-Eagles game. His message? "Ya'll heard coach. Bring it for 4!"

* Dey say that Cincinnati fans claim Who Dat is Who Dey and dey own it. What?!?! A Who Dat called in to suggest a corporate sponsorship of Who Dat hankies for the Bengals game on Nov. 19. Chef suggests all Who Dats put the Who Dey wiki to good use. Maybe a couple hundred revisions to their Who Dey entry?

* Dey say the Who Dats in Section 535 have been sitting during defensive plays. Bobby threatens to visit and cheerlead up and down the aisle.

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