Wednesday, October 18, 2006

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September 25, 2006
“This Bird’s for You!” House Specialties
Bird-Beak Bisque
Peregrine Poboy (sauteed falcon breast)
Blackened Falcon w/ Dirty Bird Rice
Falcon Fricassee
Bless Dem Boys Bread Pudding

October 8, 2006
“Pirate-Infused Brunch Buffet”

Pirate-Lite Items
Parrot Souflee
Arrrugula Salad
Pickled Pirate Lips

Haarghty Items
Hot Boiled Buccaneers
Boudin Buc Balls
Peg Leg Pirogue Platter
(boiled pegleg quarters in a buccaneer-bechamel sauce, served with diced simms’ spleen over scurvy scallopini)

Bless Dem Boys Bread Pudding
(made famous on Miracle Monday!)

October 15, 2006
“Shoot the Bird Specials”

Boo Bird Bouillabaisse
Bald Eagle Boudin
Tailfeather Tacos

Battered & Ball-less Bird-Meat Pie
The Boiled Bald Bird
(spicy combo of tasty boiled bird pieces – clipped wings, torn talons & broken beaks )

Bless Dem Boys Bread Pudding
(2-0 in the dome! still works!)
Deuce Up-Side-Your-Head Cake
(I said, “deuce up side your head . . .”)

* all entrees served with reggie-right-bayou bread

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