Monday, July 26, 2010

Shoes to Fill

Ain't Dere No More
(Photo: Black & Gold Teletubby)

In Jerry World, they're wondering whether Dezi Arnaz is going to be the next Marcus Colston or just the next T.O.

Here in the Sacredome, we're just trying to make sure that Bobby Hebert understands the shoes he'll be called on to fill this season in his new seats. We're certain that the old Cafe 641 smoker's lounge and chef's table will now be occupied by the WWL press box seats. We call on Bobby to break in his new Upper Terrace press seat by unleashing a Dirty Dog when the Super Bowl XLIV banner drops on September 9.

For instructions, see Gris Gris Man, who is shown below demonstrating a high-flying, roof-banging dog.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Or maybe another one of his "Up Yours" tyraids would do just fine.

SEPTEMBER 4th??????????????????????

I'm sure I'll die before then Chef!