Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cheese Unlocks Your Wildest Dreams!

The menu team at Cafe 641 invites you to contribute to the Mustache Monday Night version of its cheese-themed menu. It's Farve-Free dairy week at the cafe and top menu suggestion wins top billing and free post-game beer at Handsome Willy's.

If you want to dream big, consider a cheese-only diet this week -- apparently it can help you control your the direction of your dreams. I've already experienced consecutive Saints wildcard finishes with first round playoff victories, all because I indulged in 16 oz. of Wisconsin Cheddar on Sunday evening and Monday morning.


saintseester said...

Everything is better with cheese. Even Apples. Who would think that smelly old cheese would make something sweet taste even better.

t-dex said...

cheese plate please! i've been dreaming of rainbows in marrero.

t-dex said...


Michelle said...

Mmmm . . . cheese week . . . I like that.

Thanks for the info!!! I was breaking out in hives at the thought of missing that game. Too bad the Dallas game isn't on at the same time. I would have looked forward to annoying a few Dallas fans in a public place.