Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Funny how Coach grabbed the first shirt he saw in the locker room before meeting the press the night before training camp opened in Jackson, MS. Chef uses the same approach to select culinary utensils, cooking undergarments, and mustaches, but never with the stellar results that P-Diddy unveiled.


Chef thinks this slogan is a little easy, a little too obvious for the complex machine that is buried inside Payton's melon. But, in yet another sign that Sean Payton is a genius, he offers up a one-size-fits-all slogan for every Who Dat in every section of the Dome.

Cafe 641. EARN IT.

Chef's table. Rows 40-43, Section 641. EARN IT.

Spoonworthy Who Dats. EARN IT.

Chef announces new guidlines as regards the 2007 issuing of Golden Spoons:
1. EARN IT. four quarters, not three.
2. EARN IT. Cafe 641 is a restaurant cooperative, owned and operated by the asses populating Upper Terrace, Section 641. Gameday menu suggestions are not appreciated. They are required.
3. EARN IT. Cafe 641 has a no sitting, no silence policy during opposing team's offensive drives.
4. EARN IT. "Deuce upside your head, I said Deuce upside your head. . ." New chants, cheers, and dance moves -- once adopted by the 641 populace -- are instantly spoonworthy.
5. EARN IT. Nacho Libre didn't earn a spoon by wearing a coaching visor and a 1984 Saints sweater vest. Two words: red tights. Who Dat costuming is so money.
6. EARN IT. Everybody has a day job. (Okay. Sorry Mr. Benson-LeBlanc, almost everyone.) But, after the biggest wins -- Monday Night Football . . . punt returns for game-winning touchdowns . . . playoff miracles -- there is very little excuse to proceed home. Cafe 641 is a movable feast. The more midnight you burn, the more spoons you earn.
So, thanks again Sean "Puffy" Payton -- or whoever is responsible for this simple slogan. Cafe 641 will take it from here.

(consider it done. thanks saintseester for the graphic -- she's been spoonworthy for some time now.)


Michelle said...

Love it. Does that shirt come in black? I'm carrying a little extra weight around the middle and you know how slimming black is.

Chef Who Dat said...


and if Chef hasn't mentioned it yet, congrats on the womb warrior who dat.

saintseester said...

Oh. My little graphics editing fingers are twitching. I am SO going to make this a sign to put on my office door and as a banner on my class pages. My students will know that they, too, will have to EARN IT.

saintseester said...

hee hee - a graphic is on its way to your email

Chef LT said...

I am not sure how to email you ideas, but I thought it only right that I give you a heads up on menu ideas for opening day. . I believe Tony Dungyness crab cakes with a creole remoulade would be a healthy app. while for dessert a mudd pie would be in order (offensive line coach for indy.) As far as this weekend (too easy), you have to serve a bacon ben rothless-burger with a tangy Hines Ward ketchup. Keep up the good work and Who Dat?

Mr. Clio said...

Wait a minute.

"Culinary undergarments"?????

You had me at "culinary undergarments."

Chef Who Dat said...

Chef It, the post here is how it's done in a true restaurant co-op like we operatin' in the Cafe.

Nicely done -- rest assured that your menu items will find their way into Chef's away game kitchen.

Bring that sort of magic for home games, and your as good as gold (spooned).

Yeah, Dilly. Chef said "culinary undergarments." Ya'll know cooking commando is dangerous on so many levels. That's why, after careful consultation with Coach Joe Cullen, Supa Saint, and Fleur-d'licious, he purchased this: http://www.cafepress.com/buy/saints+football/-/pv_design_prod/p_1203473.102388151/pNo_102388151/id_17141633/fpt__P___________Dc_PXi__FD___aG___C/opt_/c_360/pg_1
under which you'll find this: http://www.cafepress.com/buy/saints+football/-/pv_design_prod/p_1203473.102388153/pNo_102388153/id_17141633/fpt__P___________Dc_PXi__FD___aG___C/opt_/c_360/pg_1

saintseester said...

You know, I can do a version of EARN IT without the black background that you can get printed on that thong.

Earn It

saintseester said...

Check it out, it's on the training camp blog.

dillyberto said...

Absolutely the best pre-season article written in New Orleans Saints blog history.

The Chef made a great roux for the 2007 season

Coach Joe Cullen said...

Coach Joe is all set to let it all hang out on Julia for White Linen.

Clothes get soooo hot in August...

Neil Diamond said it best with Hot August Night

Mr. Clio said...

Chef, I gotta tell you, when I said I was intrigued by the "culinary undergarments" thing, I wasn't exactly thinking of YOU in said clothing.

I was thinking more Halle Berry, LESS Chef.