Saturday, September 07, 2013

Rise Up? No Thanks. We'll just party with Lombardi.

After bikes were pedaled, prayers were offered, and a certain video flashback was had at Finn McCool's last Saturday, all that's left now is to fill the Dome. This is one of those Sundays that we will enjoy for a long time.

And not lost on me is that my Chef era opened and now closes with a home opener against the Falcons. It won't be Miracle Monday catharsis tomorrow. But with Jerry Romig and Steve Gleason on the field and the community we create inside and outside the Sacredome, it will be special.


t-dex said...

chef - you and your family and friends have made the games/seasons so much fun. selfishly sorry to hear you are hanging up the spatula, but the memories will last for every (unfortunately for some). cheers.

Anonymous said...

Chef, I don't know why you are hanging up the spatula but I hope to see you today. 641 still misses you!

As you said in today's menu, hallowed be thy plays!
Who Dat - Sister Jen

saintseester said...

Aw. Like all good things, I suppose Chef has run its course. It's a new championship season, though, with new traditions.