Thursday, September 08, 2011

Oh Lawdy, Oh Lawdy ...

Oh Lawdy, Oh Lawdy.
Oh Lawdy, It's a Black & Gold Party!

Thus began the drive time this morning to the turntable stylings of Big Abe,DJ Chicken, and 102.9's Power Posse.

Ever hear "I Believe" set to a bounce track? Well, it was that kind of morning on the drive to Ashley Morris' gravesite prayer reading.

Moose Denied has some culinary references here. Who Dat.

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Peter Falconer said...

How are ya chef? Long time no comment. How is the tash looking this season? Groomed for Movember? I developed a small one on holiday but had to get it shaved after it was described as 'looking like a dead rat', 'probably the worst moustache I've ever seen' and 'you've got to be kidding if you think you're coming to bed with that on.' Alas I was forced to shave before you could say 'what was that mistake under your nose old boy.'

Fair yee well.