Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mannings to Retire?

Or is this just how Archie's loin fruits spend their off-season?

Yo, Peyton, Eli! Porn Chef called. He wants his mustache back.

gracias, homan, for the find.


Peter Falconer said...

Aye corumba that's scary. Hate to ask but which one is good cop and bad cop?

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know.
Who Dat Sam is the newest season ticket holder. 111 Row 14 seat 11 and 12.

Hope to see you at your tailgates soon.

Who Dat Sam

Chef Who Dat said...

Nice WDS. Nice. Don't let your closeness to the action keep you in your seats.

Anonymous said...

I would rather be as far away as you were in 641. I don't like how my wallet is almost 4K lighter. But you realy don't have much of a choice when your name comes up. It was 1900 or 2400. I can always try to move next year and it is a small price to pay to see the XLVI champs multiple times.

Who Dat Sam

Anonymous said...

Can you smell the cafe?

Anonymous said...

Let the GOOD TIMES sprolesssssssssss

Jimmy said...

Anon, definitely.

call Nepal