Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Viewing Advice for New Cafe Patrons

One of the new inhabitants in the rows formerly known as Cafe 641's "Chef's table" worries about visibility in the new press box. The T-P's Jeff Duncan tweeted his concern yesterday about seeing the action unfold from the top of the Dome.
Also, much to my dismay, the press box demolition/move to the rafters is set for mid-late June completion. Will need advice on good optics. via TweetDeck

Thanks. Gonna need some strong ones. @KenJenkinsII: swarovski are the best you can buy via TweetDeck

Press boxes are at suite level in most stadiums, have moved from midfield to corners @JeffHarbison where are press boxes in most stadiums?
Until we return to the Cafe, we offer the following viewing suggestions to our new media patrons:
  1. Vintage specs.
  2. Contemporary specs.
  3. Colostomy bag.

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