Friday, December 18, 2009

Romo's Reveillon Dinner


Peter Falconer said...

I'll have a portion of Romo's Bar B'Qued Ribs please and a side helping of a Cowboys white wash. Good luck tonight. Raise the roof.

Hans Steiniger said...

Chef, Over the last four years, I’ve been traveling to NFL stadiums across the country in an attempt to see a professional football game in each one, a feat I call the Quest for 31. My goal is to truly understand what it’s like to be a fan of every franchise in the NFL. As part of my immersive study on the home team experience, I show up early on gameday, tailgate with local fans, eat local foods, and wear a home team jersey to rally the local franchise to victory. My website, chronicles each stadium visit in the form of a written stadium review including digital pictures and video.

I will complete my four year journey in New Orleans at the Louisiana Superdome on December 27, 2009 when the Tampa Bay Bucs come to town. It will be my 31st and final Stadium on my NFL Journey. I’m writing becasue I hear yours in one of the best tailgates in NOLA, wondering if I might stop through. I can be reached a Thanks much.

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