Monday, May 14, 2007

12 Minutes of Fame

12 minutes?! Are you serious?!

Chef didn't think it would be easy for heavyweight Olympic gymnast Walter Thomas to crack the starting lineup. But 12 minutes?!

Suppose it's time to confess. Chef sent Walter a special take-out meal the night before the Saints rookie mini-camp opened on Saturday. It was a sampler of Cafe 641 menus from 2006. Apparently, Walter didn't read the attached note:
Hi Walter. Hope these snacks give you a taste of New Orleans. Welcome to the team. Please don't attempt to eat all the Deviled Eagle Eggs. They give you gas and increase your chance of cramping.


Chef Who Dat


Michelle said...

Love it. Maybe he drank too many Fujitaritas. I know that would've done me in.

ashley said...

Please, stop sending the catering to Mr Meachem. He's in trouble.

saintseester said...

I don't know what your favorite outdoor cocktail would be, but I have a FAB new deck to serve it upon!